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I'm Jana. (Jan-uh)

I'm the wearer of many hats, much like every one of you.

On the surface, I'm a wife, (7 year, 13 together) a mother of four, and I work in Project Management. But I'm SO much more than that. I have an insatiable thirst to learn any and all the things. I'm fascinated by just about everything and want to understand the how's and why's of it all.

I am someone who prides myself on being vulnerable & authentic. I am someone who has struggled with Anxiety, Depression, & ADHD for over 20+ years. I do not let those diagnoses define me. Now, I most certainly have not always been this strong and confident. Accepting and facing who I am and what I deal with has healed parts of me I didn't know was possible. Not only did it help me, but when I vulnerably shared my stories with others, I noticed how safe people began to feel in my presence. This transformation within myself is what has led me to create Babe's Bag. 

Babe's Bag is a One-Stop-Shop for all women/persons. Desperately searching for content to help with Mental Health issues? Done. I've been there (still there) and I feel you. Know that you are meant for something "more", but you don't know how or where to start? I gotchu. Let's change that title, Queen. Don't know SHIT about finances? Neither did I. We gon' learn today. Aware of your flaws and willing to work on them? Babe. Proudayou. I've got a page for that. Need to prioritize your health? Yes, I have that too. And thousands more (Eventually, my love, I am only one person) topics on living this life, and navigating being a human the best way we can for OURSELVES and those we love.

My Promise

Yes, I am here to make money. Duh. Aren't you?

Money made within this platform will largely be from affiliate marketing. This is how I intend on starting my journey. The money I make will move into helping me write my ebooks, to travel and share my story, and continue to make humans around me feel as safe as possible and not alone. I want to empower people to embrace their authenticity, be vulnerable, heal parts of them that need to be healed, and to spread this lifestyle to those around them. 

My promise to my audience is that I will NOT link any product or service that I feel would not benefit them. Some products or services may not be a good fit for everyone, that's a fact. All links provided will be something I have used or experienced myself or that I have a solid understanding and good faith in its use or results. I am dedicated to being authentic and could not willingly suggest anything I wouldn't trust or use myself.


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